Joseph Trevors n.d., CFNC, and ENERGIA VITA Collaborate with The DNA Company to Revolutionize Medicine

Joseph Trevors n.d., CFNC, and ENERGIA VITA are proud to announce their collaboration with The DNA Company to revolutionize medicine. By utilizing genomic testing and analysis in client care, their aim is to eliminate chronic disease in those they see, and change the face of medicine as we know it.

Partnership like these are, understandably, viewed as a game-changer for those in genomics, and in the healthcare industry in general. By leveraging the power of genomics, Joseph (through ENERGIA VITA | The Trevors Clinic for Functional Health & Wellness) is taking a more proactive approach to the client/healthcare space that focuses on an equally preventative – rather than solely treatment-based, style of assessment and mapping. This approach is critical in today’s world, where chronic diseases are on the rise and traditional medicine is seen as largely having failed to provide effective, holistic, long-term solutions, versus simply masking and/or managing symptoms of disease and illness through pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

A female genetic scientist - dressed in a white lab suit, mask, and protective glasses views through the eye-lens of a laboratory microscope.

The Trevors Clinic for Functional Health & Wellness is both proud, AND very excited to be at the forefront of this movement locally, although they also see clients ‘virtually’ through a secure, medical-grade portal provided by Practice Better. Led by Joseph, the clinic is committed to providing personalized care that goes directly to the root cause of their health issues, and addresses them in a customized, systematic way, all on top of a foundation of bio-individuality. By combining genomic testing and analysis with functional health and wellness, they are able to create customized roadmaps that are tailored to each person’s unique genetic needs.

The DNA Company is a world leader in genomic testing and analysis. Their cutting-edge technology allows them to analyze a patient’s DNA at a genomic level, and identify potential health risks before they become a problem. By partnering with The DNA Company, Joe Trevors n.d., CFNC, and ENERGIA VITA are able to provide what they feel are some of the most advanced care solutions available to those struggling with chronic disease and illness; including diabetes, autoimmune diagnosis, anxiety and depression (and other neurological diagnosis), and so many others.

As stated, this collaboration is seen as an exciting opportunity not only for parties involved and the healthcare industry, but more so for those who are battling something they’ve otherwise not yet been able to overcome. By using genomics to identify potential health risks before they become a problem (and/or help reverse it once it has), Joe and ENERGIA VITA are intent on changing the face of medicine. They are leading the way in a new era of healthcare that focuses on the ability to look at each individual at a genomic level, and to dig deeply into the root cause of why they are struggling in the way that they are (despite modern medicine providing med-relief of symptoms in attempting to manage the ongoing, chronic diagnosis in question).

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting collaboration or want to schedule an appointment with The Trevors Clinic for Functional Health & Wellness, visit or by booking a complimentary consultation today.

2 Replies to “Joseph Trevors n.d., CFNC, and ENERGIA VITA Collaborate with The DNA Company to Revolutionize Medicine”

  1. Thanks so much for the article and, thus, the awareness of our quest in seeking #rootcause in diagnosis’ of those who are struggling!

    We look forward to our exciting work with our strategic partners (like The DNA Company @, Practice Better @ , etc.), and in changing the face of healthcare as we know it not only throughout Canada and the US, but around the world.

    1. Absolutely! We are ALL connected to someone (and some of us ARE the someone) who is battling with a diagnosis or illness that is otherwise with us for life…and so, quite obviously, we’re very excited (and hopeful) in this changing face of care, and what it may mean for those of us seeking a much different quality of life!

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