A Passing Of The Torch

We’re stoked to be sharing that our Founder, Joe Trevors, and entrepreneurial maven, Julia Jackson have finalized a deal that sees us welcome Interviews On Demand into our DENNER Media family!

Julia launched an extraordinary service, provided unquestionable support and growth to those with a message to tell, and leaves the company to go off onto her next startup!

We can’t wait to see what she does next, and we’ve huge shoes to fill here, but we’re amped up and ready to book!

Are you interested in having an Agency like ours preparing and booking you on podcasts? Or do you have a podcast but don’t enjoy finding guests, vetting and preparing them, etc.? Then Interviews On Demand is your next move!

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Remembering Them

While we’d like to say that on this Remembrance Day we stand ‘with’ our Veterans, our fallen, and the many left behind, the truth is that we do not.

We can’t say that we do as we have not. We have not stood in front of you. Prepared to sacrifice our all for the safety and betterment of others as you have. We’ve not even stood ‘with’ you. We’ve not been on the front lines with you. We’ve not stared down the enemy on the field of battle, not knowing if today would be our last.

We WILL, however, today and every day, stand ‘behind’ you. Behind you in recognition of your sacrifices. In support of you and your family upon your return, if you’ve been so fortunate. Behind you with the respect and admiration deserving of someone willing to give their life for an unknown other.

“…We will remember them.” – Laurence Binyon, 1914



*Photo Credit – Canada Remembers

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I Won’t Back Down

You didn’t have to be alive, nor even near a radio, or television in ’89 to know the song the song today…or to know who sang it.

Credit: Paul R. Giunta/Getty via Rolling Stone

Amid so many other tragic incidents in recent days, the rumored (and largely unsubstantiated at time of writing) passing of one of the greats only adds to the list of grieving.

Despite which version of the meaning of Tom Petty‘s hit you believe, the message carries and has bridged more Continue reading “I Won’t Back Down”

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