Turkeys Can’t Fly?

If you enjoy laughing, you no doubt already know what we’re referring to here…and it was all happening ‘Live’ in front of the “Buckeye Newshawk Award” Winner, Les Nessman!

Easily one of the funnier, and more memorable Thanksgiving Day sitcom scenarios, we’re admittedly drawn back to watch the WKRP in Cincinnati clip every year as Thanksgiving draws near. Not surprisingly, we find it as funny today, as the night it first aired.

“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

What’s less funny, of course, is when we can liken our own ill-planned marketing experiences to tossing turkeys from a helicopter flying our name or call-sign on a banner.

There’s absolutely something to be said for the gratification that comes with finally launching a new campaign. Likewise the rush of at times throwing caution to the wind and pushing something out that wasn’t researched and vetted can be extraordinary. Extraordinary until you realize Continue reading “Turkeys Can’t Fly?”

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