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DENNER Media is pleased to announce the release of our founder, Joseph Trevors’ latest reference; ‘Cracking The Code: Your Guide To Personalized Genomics for Moms Battling Chronic Illness’. As part of our new publishing effort, we are excited to be working with Joe as both founder of DENNER and now published author, and other authors who are set to bring cutting-edge content to readers in a variety of genres.

‘Cracking The Code’ is your guide to personalized genomics, tailored specifically for moms dealing with chronic illness. Drawing on his extensive research and experience as a certified Functional Nutrition Counsellor specializing in genomic testing and analysis, Joe provides practical advice and strategies for using genetic testing to optimize health and well-being.

A picture of a book cover; 'Cracking The Code' by Joseph Trevors, n.d., CFNC. 'Your Guide To Personalized Genomics For Moms Battling Chronic Illness'. It also pictures a top-down view of a woman's face. Her nose freckled. Pictured as if taken horizontal, as if she is maybe laying face-up on a treatment bed.
Now Available on Kindle!
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The book covers a range of topics, including the basics of genomics and personalized medicine, how to choose the right genetic testing service, interpreting test results, and developing personalized treatment plans. It also includes talk on how moms can successfully use the field of genomics to manage chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc..

‘Cracking The Code’ is a must-read for any mom dealing with chronic illness who is looking for a more personalized and effective approach to treatment of her symptoms. It offers hope, inspiration, and practical advice for navigating the complex world of genomics and personalized medicine, and should become a foundational ‘cornerstone’, if you will, of anyone interested in taking control of their health and wellness, and ‘rebuilding the home that is their body’.

We are proud to have assisted in offering ‘Cracking The Code‘ to market, and to have kept it exclusive to Amazon Kindle for purchase – so as to likewise make it available to Kindle Unlimited members.

We look forward to continuing our publishing efforts and bringing you more groundbreaking references, stories, anecdotes, and ‘Top 10’ listed books from Joe Trevors and other talented authors to come. As always, stay tuned for more exciting announcements on publishing from your team here at DM!

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