“It’s ALIVE! It’s ALIVE!”

Many thanks to Colin Clive for what is arguably one of the most memorable, and quoted horror film lines of all time, and the foundation of the inaugural post on our new site!

While no one here holds a candle to the acting talent of Boris Karloff, we’re hoping you don’t find our site to be any 1931 Frankenstein, either…but either way, we’ve thrown the switch, and “It’s ALIVE!”.

Despite not having launched under Hollywood stardom, we are hopeful that you find… our DENNER Media site to be a great introduction to what we do all day in our DENNER Media lives, and how we can help you build on your dreams of success. From your sales career, to your entrepreneurial endeavor, your restaurant, real estate business, or your corporate holdings, we’d be stoked to be involved in your next project!

Oh, and let’s not wait for lightning to strike before you book us.

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