The Place To BEE

No, that truly wasn’t a typo, just us being a bit funny in our almost literal ‘beehive of activity’ over here at DENNER today!

If you’re in Fredericton, NB this coming September (22nd & 23rd, to be exact), or are passing through the beautiful province of New Brunswick, we think you’d quite sincerely want to take a few moments to drop into the inaugural Maritime Honey Festival.

When asked to consider taking on The Festival for 2017, we absolutely jumped at the opportunity and, although it is largely social media engagement (something we obviously specialize in), the grander sense of why we jumped was what the festival represents.

From the educational visits that they’re providing for some 200 school-aged children, to opportunities for vendors to showcase their wares, to accomplished and respected speakers, and more, the festival is all about bees…and bees are quite literally a lifeline for we mere mortals. Pollination to food. Wax to honey. Bees are vital to our very existence and, the fact the NB Central Beekeepers Association has taken on this monumental of education around bees, is in and of itself commendable. How could we not get involved?

And hey, for a completely different type of educational experience, we have it on good authority there will even be a ‘Bee-R Garden’ for adults in attendance who may also be fans of the micro-brew / craft beer persuasion. If they can put honey in it, it’ll be featured at the Garden!

So there you have it…apparently Fredericton, New Brunswick is the ‘Place To Bee’ in September!

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